The Beginning

Welcome to the IDArchitect.NET blog!

Who am I?

In the past I was working as developer and infrastructure systems engineer. However last 13 years I spent working as Microsoft Consultant focusing on implementation of Identity Management solutions for Microsoft customers. Right now I’m starting work as independent/freelancer Identity Management Architect.

Why did I start blogging?

If you know me personally you already know that I’m not very talkative/extravert person. But if anybody asks me a question I’m always willing to help. During my day to day job I’m getting questions from my customers, other consultants and colleagues. Why not to share the answers so everybody can use them, discuss (agree or disagree)?

What will you find here?

I want to focus on Architecture for Identity Management Solutions, however will not hesitate to share as well some related (or unrelated :-)) experiences and thoughts. Sometimes it will be something I want to share, sometimes it will be something just to start discussion on some topic.

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